GHS Compliance Solutions

Specialist Software & Consultancy

UL Safeware Quasar helps 100s of chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors across the globe achieve accurate chemical regulatory compliance


Delivering Global Chemical Regulatory Compliance Since 1988

GHS compliant safety data sheets (SDS) classification & authoring software
GHS compliant chemical labelling software
Providing regulatory advice through to fully managing all of your chemical compliance obligations
GHS compliant software for chemical transportation documentation
Regulatory and software training to develop knowledge and skills
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In-House Expertise & Support


We combine the knowledge of our regulatory experts and our software specialists to deliver an advanced range of chemical regulatory compliance solutions carefully designed to help you fulfil all of your legal obligations.

In-house chemical regulatory experts
Our experienced regulatory team are available to provide expert advice and support when you need extra help understanding chemical hazard legislation

Dedicated software support team
Our software support team provide comprehensive technical support to our customers to ensure they maximise the benefits of our advanced software solutions

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Training & Events

Our experience and knowledge enables us to offer a wide range of chemical regulatory training courses, which have been specially developed to give you added confidence when tackling challenging complex chemical legislation.

UL Safeware Quasar customers also benefit from the availability of regular software training courses, to ensure that you are able to use our software to its full potential to maximise compliance and efficiency.

Contact us to speak to a regulatory specialist and find out how we can help you comply with international chemical legislation.