GHS Consultancy

Our dedicated GHS consultancy team is comprised of regulatory experts with a comprehensive understanding of GHS standard chemical regulations across the world

Chemical Regulations

Chemical manufacturers, chemical importers, downstream users, chemical distributors and retailers supplying products containing chemical substances and/or mixtures must comply with a whole spectrum of regulations implemented following the introduction of the GHS standards to trade.

The legislation impacts on chemical classification, safety data sheet (SDS) authoring, the provision of safety data sheets (SDSs), the safe transport of chemical goods and more.

Companies have a legal obligation to understand the requirements of the chemical regulatory regulations of the markets they supply to and comply accordingly.

Many chemical companies are struggling to allocate the time and resources to confidently comply with the ever evolving chemical regulations.

Chemical Regulatory Consultancy Services

Safeware Quasar has over 28 years of experience helping hundreds of companies operating in the chemical sector to monitor, interpret and ultimately comply with chemical regulations and more recently GHS consultancy services.

We understand chemical regulatory compliance is just one element of running a chemical company that demands your time and attention.

Our dedicated team of regulatory experts have a comprehensive understanding of chemical regulations across the world, the subsequent ramifications for your organisation, and what you need to do to comply.

By outsourcing your regulatory obligations to our consultants, you can relieve the strain on your resources and concentrate on other areas of your business.

We provide chemical regulatory consultancy services for:

  • Chemical manufacturers
  • Chemical importers
  • Chemical downstream users
  • Chemical distributors/retailers

We offer a broad range of chemical regulatory consultancy services and provide with as little or as much support as you need to comply.

We can create a single safety data sheet, completely manage all of your chemical compliance obligations, or just offer advice to give you the confidence to tackle chemical compliance in-house.

Our chemical regulatory specialists can help you with:

  • Chemical classification
  • SDS authoring
  • Chemical labelling
  • Exposure Scenario (ES) authoring
  • Safety data sheet (SDS) management/storage
  • Safety data sheet (SDS) distribution
  • Chemical transportation compliance
  • Chemical data/documentation translations
  • Detergent regulations compliance
  • Biocides regulations compliance

Why choose Safeware Quasar?

  • We’ve helped hundreds of customers to continuously comply since 1988, so you trust us to ensure that you comply correctly
  • You may not have a member of staff with the regulatory knowledge/training to manage chemical compliance
  • Our team includes a worldwide network of specialists who contribute to translation databases
  • We partner with agents across the world for local knowledge at an international level

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