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Regulatory FAQs


Q: Some of my ingredients aren’t pulling through to Section 3 as expected, or my ingredients are pulling through to Section 3, but not for my Swedish SDS. Why is this the case?

A: Ingredients that only have physical hazards are not required to appear in Section 3 of the SDS unless they also meet other criteria, such as having an OEL limit. OELs vary from market to market and are not always present.


Q: I’ve just created an SDS, but the classifications in Section 2 aren’t translated in the other European languages that I have.

A: This is because there is no official source of these translations, and many countries use the English abbreviations. There are abbreviation explanations available in Section 16 that are translated, which is an acceptable work around, as suggested by ECHA.


Support FAQs


Q: I’m trying to add ATE and LD50 values in Section 11, but I get a message saying that it contains calculated data and cannot go any further?

Calculated Data

A: All calculated data is entered via the GHS Editor. This is the Sigma button in the ‘Actions’ column on the main search screen. Once in the GHS Editor, ATE and LD50 data is added through the GHS Data tab under ‘Health Hazards’.

Sigma Button


Q: I've noticed the word 'Sediment' has not been translated in Section 8.1 of the SDS, as per the screen print below. It's a system word and I am not able to add the translation myself. Are you able to add the translation in the various languages?




A: The following languages use the same word as English for ‘Sediment’: Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, Norman, Romanian, Slovak & Swedish.



Did You Know?


You can now add line breaks between phrases in a category. This is in the latest version of GHS Professional.

Users now have the ability to add a line break between phrases in a category. This will enable users to display phrases in a single paragraph, or in a series of line fed segments and consequently, assist with formatting and pagination.




To add a line break, click the ‘Add line break’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the phrase selector screen. This will insert a blank line break phrase at the bottom of the list in the phrase selection window.



The line break can be moved between specific phrases by clicking the line break phrase, dragging and dropping to the desired location/position.



A number of improvements have been made to the phrase selector for market specific categories. This is in the latest version of GHS Professional.

These improvements are as follows:

  • The ability to search for phrases in any installed language.
  • Phrases are now automatically displayed for the users logged in market.
  • The translation of a phrase can be viewed by selecting the phrase and changing the search language (see the screenshot below):


Note: Changing the phrase display to an alternate language will not affect the SDS. The SDS will continue to display the selected phrase(s) in the correct language.


Useful Tips & Tricks


Multiple Tabs

Did you know that you can use GHS Professional in multiple tabs? Simply right-click the tab area of your browser and select the ‘Duplicate tab’ option.



You will then be able to work in multiple tabs, which makes things quicker and easier, therefore increasing productivity.


Quick Switching Between Products

Did you know that you can quickly switch from editing one product to another simply by editing the address in your browser?

When working in either the GHS editor or the report editor, the SDS number will be specified in the URL:



You can edit the SDS number live in the address bar of your browser:



Hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard or the ‘Go’ button on your browser and the browser will reload with the specified product:



If you use a combination of multiple tabs and quick switching you can really increase your productivity.


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