GHS Professional Overview

Our chemical regulatory compliance software system has a modular design to meet a range of regulatory demands and can be adapted to meet customers’ exact specifications and requirements

GHS Chemical Compliance Software

Compliance with Globally Harmonised System (GHS) standards is complicated to achieve and sustain. Nevertheless, chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors all have legal obligations to fulfill in order to trade lawfully.

While the GHS introduces standardisation for the classification and communication of hazardous properties in chemical products, and works cohesively with the UN’s Transport of Dangerous Goods system, the implementation across countries/regions varies in terms of timescales as well as legal requirements.

Chemical classification is the process of identifying chemical hazards and is the foundation of accurate chemical hazard communication. A major tool for communicating chemical hazards and promoting the safe use of chemicals is the safety data sheet (SDS), a document used for risk assessments along the supply chain.

GHS Professional is a comprehensive, sophisticated software system designed to accurately classify chemicals in accordance with international chemical regulations and assist users to author GHS standard safety data sheets (SDSs).


Modular Design

While chemical classification and safety data sheet (SDS) authoring is at the heart of GHS Professional, the software system is modular and can expanded for enhanced performance and help users to comply with a range of related regulatory requirements, including the transport of dangerous goods. Companies can effectively build a complete software solution for chemical regulatory compliance to meet their needs.

For more information about the GHS Professional modules available see our full list.

What do you need to do to comply?

We work with companies to identify their legal obligations in relation to chemical regulatory compliance and provide a complete software compliance solution.

Depending on your needs, we can provide a chemical compliance solution to fully manage your chemical regulatory obligations at a local, regional and international level, with the incorporation of market specific (local regulations applied) and language modules available in over 40 languages.

The GHS software can be installed ‘on-premise’, or alternatively Safeware Quasar can host the application via Software as a Service (SaaS).

Customers are in full control of security and are able to specify who can gain access within their organisations and what operations each user can perform.

Following implementation, customers can opt to receive full training and can expect on-going support services from both our regulatory and technical support teams, as well as software updates as regulations dictate.

GHS Professional key features include:

  • Complete GHS software solution with multi-lingual safety data sheet (SDS) authoring capabilities
  • Accurate expert modules (including GHS Classification, Transport Classification and Detergent Classification)
  • Fully scalable
  • Fully integrated reference database
  • Support for both single users and multi-region/site user access
  • Integration with ERP systems, including formulation import

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New for GHS Professional: SDS Automation

The fastest way to write safety data sheets (SDSs)

Our latest addition to the GHS Professional suite of modules is SDS Automation, software that implements years of regulatory research to automate the population of safety data sheets (SDSs)

  • Write SDS sections at the press of a button – just click and read!
  • Predefined rules enable hundreds of regulatory decisions to be made in seconds, simplifying the process for your team
  • Increases efficiency by reducing the time taken to author SDSs with automated section population
  • Standardises chemical phrases to ensure consistency, providing a more professional and uniformed content look and feel to all of your SDSs
  • Authors SDSs in accordance with international regulations in over 40 different languages

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