GHS Software

Scalable GHS software designed to help chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors accurately comply with international chemical regulatory regulations

GHS Software for Chemical Regulatory Compliance

With over 28 years of experience, Safeware Quasar’s GHS software has helped 100’s of chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors to accurately and efficiently comply with international regulations. 

GHS Compliance

GHS compliance is complicated. Without reliable GHS software and/or a comprehensive GHS compliance management system in place, companies can find themselves at risk of not fulfilling their legal obligations.

The first task companies supplying chemical substances and chemical mixtures face is understanding their legal obligations in relation to chemical classification, the creation and provision of safety data sheets (SDSs), hazard label creation, chemical transportation documentation and more.

For companies trading internationally, the task is further complicated due to the various implementations of the GHS standards as countries/regions (jurisdictions) and the multitude of chemical regulations that need to be considered to correctly comply.

In order to facilitate trade, companies must then incorporate intricate procedures and processes to ensure GHS compliance is achieved.

With an ever evolving international chemical regulatory landscape, companies must ensure applicable regulations are continuously monitored to capture any legislative changes that impact on business operations and GHS compliance so updates to procedures and processes can be made when required.

GHS compliance can be extremely time consuming and expensive to implement and manage on an ongoing basis.

How can we help?

Safeware Quasar’s GHS compliance software can help you to comply accurate while reducing the strain on your resources and saving money.

The GHS software applications have been designed to simplify the intricate processes involved with chemical classification, safety data sheet (SDS) authoring, chemical hazard labelling, safety data sheet (SDS) distribution and safety data sheet (SDS) management.

Depending on your obligations and the resources you have available to manage compliance with chemicals legislation, you may wish to use a combination of both our software solutions and chemical regulatory consultancy services. Our flexible regulatory team are on hand to offer additional support when you do not have the time to manage all aspects of chemical hazard communication in-house.

Book a software demonstration, or alternatively contact us if you need help determining the solution best suits your requirements.

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