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Safeware Quasar’s chemical hazard labelling solutions help you produce GHS compliant labels for international markets

Chemical Labelling

Chemical hazard labels communicate important messages/hazard information (taken from the SDS), giving users advice on how to safely store and use substances and mixtures and how to limit exposure risks, as well as providing emergency response details.

In most cases, the product label is the only hazard information that a member of the general public would usually see.

Before placing hazardous chemical substances and mixtures on to the market, manufacturers, importers, downstream users and distributors must ensure chemical substances and mixtures are labelled correctly in accordance with chemical regulations that apply in the markets they supply to.

Chemical suppliers must overcome challenging design and data issues to ensure the obligatory chemical information is included within the constraints of packaging size/limited space available.

In addition, chemical labels must also fulfil the requirements of transport legislation.

Chemical hazard labels may also need to include other information not related to chemical regulatory compliance, such as company logos, barcodes (supplementary information and additional design).

Chemical Labelling Software

Safeware Quasar has developed two chemical labelling software solutions to simplify the process of producing dynamic, GHS compliant chemical hazard labels:

  • ChemLabelPro
  • GHS Label+


ChemLabelPro enables chemical manufacturers, importers and downstream users (formulators of mixtures, re-fillers and re-importers) to produce GHS compliant labels for hazardous chemicals/products in accordance with international chemical regulations.

The scalable, sophisticated and easy-to-use hazard label creation solution comprising of a designer that intelligently integrates with chemical classification and SDS authoring software before printing to the correct specification.

An intuitive wizard style workflow guides administrators through the simple process of creating new hazard label templates that can be used for multiple products again and again.

Administrators configure the settings to extract the required chemical data/information and pictograms from their classification and SDS authoring software system (and any other information and images they may wish to include) and confirm the print information (label stock/label size/label layout and printer properties).

ChemLabelPro will only import approved data from the integrated classification and SDS authoring software, helping users to ensure the data/information included is up-to-date and meets the requirements of chemical regulations.

Administrators can create single and flexible multilingual language label templates, as well as hazard label templates with fixed languages (cannot be changed) to suit their product portfolio and the markets they trade in.

Following configuration, users are able to quickly design and print standardised GHS compliant hazard labels with confidence in up to 40 languages in three easy steps; select the hazard label template; select the product; then print.

ChemLabelPro can be used by multiple people in numerous locations and administrators can set up different access levels for users to limit access for those who will just be printing.

The software offers flexibility and the advanced versions can be customised to add information from a second database away from chemical hazard information. ChemLabelPro can be integrated further with an additional external database to add commercial data like batch numbers, weights and other coding. Administrators can also create custom workflows for standardisation.


  • Flexible, customisable solution for the creation of dynamic, GHS compliant chemical hazard labels
  • Integrates with chemical classification and safety data sheet authoring software
  • Single or multi-lingual label capabilities (over 40 languages available for inclusion)
  • Integrates with external databases for additional production data to be included on the chemical hazard label
  • Auto calculation capabilities e.g. fields to work out product expiry dates automatically
  • Scalable solutions to suit all requirements
  • Enterprise version allows custom integration (databases) and custom workflow/interface

GHS Label +

GHS Label + offers users a complete chemical hazard database, hazard label design and hazard label printing software solution.

GHS Label + provides users with a framework for the chemical data/images that are legally required for inclusion when creating a chemical hazard label in order to comply with international chemical legislation.

When creating a hazard label, users must refer to accurate chemical hazard communication documents such as safety data sheets (SDSs) to populate fixed fields within GHS Label +, subsequently assembling a chemical data/information database.

Users are then able to import the data to a chemical hazard label design template in a predefined, compliant format and print the labels in accordance with legislation in up to 40 languages.

GHS Label + also allows users the flexibility to create multiple hazard label templates for different markets and/or languages, as well as the functionality to add any commercial information.

Easy to use and intuitive, GHS Label + simplifies the chemical hazard label creation process for your organisation.


  • GHS label database, designer and print module in one easy to use package
  • Flexible, customisable chemical hazard label solution for creating and printing dynamic, bespoke chemical hazard labels
  • Single or multi-lingual label capabilities (over 40 languages available)

Reasons to choose Safeware Quasar

  • During our free consultation we will help you to understand what is involved in creating GHS compliant hazard labels
  • Our chemical hazard labelling software is extremely versatile and can be configured to meet your exact requirements
  • Full training is available to ensure you make the most out of your chemical hazard labelling software
  • If you need additional support, you can outsource some or all of your chemical hazard labelling responsibilities to our chemical regulatory team

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