Chemical Transportation Software

Safeware Quasar has designed three independent software applications to help to companies fulfil chemical transportation requirements

Chemical Transportation

The movement of chemical goods is heavily governed by international regulations and agreements.

Organisations involved have a responsibility to ensure such goods are transported safely by road, sea and/or air.

As part of these regulations, organisations are required to classify, label and package the goods appropriately, and additionally to provide documented information alongside the product(s) during transit.

Dangerous Goods Software

Safeware Quasar has designed three independent software applications which help to fulfil chemical transportation obligations:

  • Dangerous Goods Reference Database
  • Transport Classification Module
  • Dangerous Goods Notes (DGN) Module

Dangerous Goods Reference Database (DGL Search)

The reference database comprises of information taken from the UN Dangerous Goods List, and supplemented with additional modal-specific data that may be required for the safe transportation of chemicals and chemical-based products.


  • Allows users to quickly and easily assign known transport classifications to the product
  • Completes relevant categories within Section 14 of the safety data sheet (SDS)
  • Maintained and updated in accordance with transport legislation

Transport Classification Module

The Transport Classification Module assists SDS authors and Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) to accurately calculate the hazards for transport of complex chemical mixtures. Advanced algorithms assist users in determining the most appropriate UN Number / Proper Shipping Name combination for the product, and automatically completes Section 14 of the SDS.


  • Minimal additional information required
  • Intuitive interface with ‘wizard’ based functionality
  • Calculates transport hazards for chemicals, intermediates and mixtures
  • Intuitive system detects when derogations may be relevant, or if more information is required
  • Determines resultant classification after applying rules of precedence
  • Determines appropriate UN Number / Proper Shipping Name
  • Determines Technical Names for N.O.S. entries
  • Option available to manually assign transport hazards

Dangerous Goods Notes (DGN) Module

The Dangerous Goods Notes module is a tool which enables the user to prepare compliant documentation to accompany the products during transportation.


  • Dangerous Goods description is taken from the SDS, ensuring consistency between documents
  • Intuitive interface for ease of use
  • Fast and efficient way to produce accurate and compliant transport documentation
  • Specific formats are available for different modes of transport
  • Legally required ordering of information is automatically undertaken by the module
  • Calculations for ADR (‘small loads’) exemptions possible for road transportation
  • Company address information stored to simplify data entry

Reasons to choose Safeware Quasar

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Further services available relating to transportation of Dangerous Goods:

  • Full consultant DGSA service
  • Advice and technical assistance
  • Dangerous Goods training courses

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