Safety Data Sheet Distribution Software

SDS SmartShare simplifies your internal processes by intuitively automating the distribution of safety data sheets when legally required

SDS SmartShare

SDS SmartShare integrates with your sales order system to automatically distribute safety data sheets when legally required.

At the point of sale, the software system instantly establishes the requirement to provide a safety data sheet (SDS) to your customer and distributes the document as and when necessary.

Its advanced reporting features provide you with full traceability of products ordered by customers, and a record of opened SDSs, as well as the versions issued.

SDS SmartShare can also be configured to distribute SDSs en-masse at a scheduled time to suit your company’s business processes, taking the hassle out of your SDS distribution obligations.

SDS Distribution: The Legal Requirements

When supplying chemical substances and mixtures with hazardous classifications, chemical suppliers must fulfil their legal obligation to provide the recipient with a safety data sheet (SDS) either before or at the time of the first delivery.

In addition, companies supplying chemical products must also provide safety data sheets whenever they are requested to by their customers.

The accurate provision of SDSs can be complex and difficult to achieve. Alongside the additional requirements for preferred customer delivery methods, numerous languages, and the various implementations of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS), there are a number of demanding legal obligations to satisfy:

  • SDSs must be prepared in accordance with global chemical legislation
  • The SDS must arrive no later than the date the product is first supplied
  • The SDS must be supplied free of charge – as a paper copy OR electronically
  • The SDS must be supplied in the official language of the Member State where it was placed on the market
  • The SDS must be updated without delay where changes to it affect Risk Management Hazard Classification
  • If the SDS is updated, all former recipients supplied in the preceding 12 months must be notified of this

SDS SmartShare: A Comprehensive Solution To SDS Distribution

Our intelligent software solution has been carefully designed to satisfy these obligations quickly and efficiently, allowing you to achieve full chemical regulatory compliance, and providing you with clarity and peace of mind:

  • CompliantFulfils all legal obligations in accordance with REACH obligations
  • EconomicalReduces administration and SDS distribution costs
  • Proactive Send SDSs as soon as the product is ordered – Instant
  • Flexible Supports email and print/postal
  • SecureSDSs are held securely in ‘the cloud’ – Permanent
  • Global Supports multi-lingual SDS distribution and multi-lingual email/covering letters

SDS Smartshare – Even Smarter!

But that’s not all. SDS SmartShare also boasts a range of additional features designed to simplify your organisation’s processes, affording you the time and freedom to focus on your main business objectives:

  • Full traceabilityYou can see if recipients have read/opened the SDS for audit purposes
  • Full version control A new SDS is only issued if there has been a major revision
  • Retrospective functionality Where there have been major revisions, all former recipients supplied in the preceding 12 months will be supplied with the new SDS
  • Fully automated No user intervention required when linked to a sales order system
  • Proof/tracking capabilities Full access to customer order history
  • Fully online hosted solution No administrative or IT overheads – available instantly!

Why choose SDS SmartShare?

  • Quick and simple to configure and integrates easily with sales order systems
  • Our online, company-wide software helps you achieve mandatory compliance with stringent chemical regulations
  • Within seconds of sales order being placed, emails are sent to your customers containing links to PDF SDSs to save and/or print as approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Option to specify particular times for SDS distribution for high volume sales to avoid overloading your email server
  • Reporting features provide full traceability of customers who have opened SDS PDF flyers, the products ordered and documentation and versions issued
  • Log reports are produced when new orders are placed and delivered at a time to suit you
  • Alerts help you redistribute/reissue documents when legally required following significant changes
  • Creates and maintains a consistent format for the appearance of your emails
  • Functionality to create custom email messages and covering letters
  • Translates email subject and body text into different languages when required
  • System will automatically break up emails with file sizes that collectively exceed 5mb to ensure deliverability
  • Bounce backs are returned to you so you are able to ensure the delivery of the safety data sheets and comply with your legal obligations, giving you peace of mind
  • Print versions available for customers who cannot be reached via email
  • Sending SDSs electronically saves on printing and postage costs

Why choose UL Safeware Quasar?

  • We incorporate the expert knowledge of our chemical regulatory consultants into all of our software systems to ensure that you maintain compliance with international chemical regulations
  • We offer full training for added confidence when using the software
  • We have in-house chemical regulatory experts on hand if you have any queries relating to your chemical hazard communication obligations
  • Our technical support team are on hand to lend you a helping hand you should you ever need them

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