SDS Distribution Software

SDS SmartShare simplifies your internal processes by intuitively automating the distribution of safety data sheets (SDSs) when legally required

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Distribution

When supplying chemical substances and mixtures with hazardous classifications, chemical suppliers must fulfil a legal obligation to provide the recipient with a safety data sheet (SDS) either before the first delivery or at the time of the first delivery. In addition, companies supplying chemical products must also provide a safety data sheets (SDSs) when requested by customers.

While chemical suppliers are not required to provide new safety data sheets (SDSs) when minor amends are made, updated versions of safety data sheets (SDSs) must be supplied when significant revisions are made to customers who have purchased in the last 12 months.

The accurate provision of safety data sheets (SDSs) can be difficult to achieve with additional requirements for preferred customer delivery methods, numerous languages and varying implementations of the Globally Harmonised System (GHS) to consider.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Distribution Software

SDS SmartShare integrates with your sales order system to automatically distribute safety data sheets (SDSs) when legally required.

At the point of sale, the software system instantly establishes the requirement to provide a safety data sheet (SDS) to your customer and distributes the document when necessary.

Advanced reporting features provide full traceability of products ordered by a customer, a record of opened safety data sheet (SDS) links, a record of undeliverable emails and a report detailing the versions of safety data sheets (SDSs) issued.

SDS SmartShare can also be configured to distribute safety data sheets (SDSs) en masse at a scheduled time to suit your organisation’s processes.

SDS SmartShare also helps you to fulfil your legal obligation to re-issue safety data sheets (SDSs) following significant revisions simply and quickly.


  • Quick and simple to configure and integrates easily with sales order systems
  • Our online, companywide software helps you achieve mandatory compliance with stringent chemical regulations
  • Within seconds of sales order being placed, emails are sent to your customers containing links to PDF SDSs to save and/or print as approved by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
  • Option to specify particular times for SDSs distribution for high volume sales to avoid overloading your email server
  • Reporting features provide full traceability of customers who have opened SDS PDF flyers, the products ordered and documentation and versions issued
  • Log reports are produced when new orders are placed and delivered at a time to suit you
  • Alerts help you redistribute/reissue documents when legally required following significant changes
  • Creates and maintains a consistent format for the appearance of your emails
  • Functionality to create custom email messages and covering letters
  • Translates email subject and body text into different languages when required
  • System will automatically break up emails with file sizes that collectively exceed 5mb to ensure deliverability
  • Bounce backs are returned to you so you are able to ensure the delivery of the safety data sheets and comply with your legal obligations, giving you peace of mind
  • Print versions available for customers who cannot be reached via email
  • Sending SDSs electronically saves on printing and postage costs

Reasons to choose Safeware Quasar

  • We incorporate the expert knowledge of our chemical regulatory consultants into all of our software systems to ensure you continuously comply with international chemical regulations
  • We offer full training for added confidence using the software
  • We have in-house chemical regulatory experts on hand if you have any queries relating to your chemical compliance obligations
  • Our technical support team are also available to help you should you need them

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