SDS Management Software

My-SDS provides a secure, central location to store and manage chemical compliance regulatory documentation in accordance with chemicals legislation

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Storage and Management

Manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors are obligated to fulfil legal requirements to make current versions of safety data sheets (SDSs) accessible along the supply chain and store old archived versions for a minimum of ten years.

Workers exposed to hazardous chemical substances and mixtures should also have access to safety data sheets (SDSs) in order to use the product safely.

In addition, there is a legal requirement to ensure that the same information is readily available to Member States and/or their nominated Poisons Centres.

There are also instances when recipients of substances and mixtures may request safety data sheets (SDSs) and there is a legal requirement to provide the documents at such times.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Storage and Management Software

My-SDS facilitates the secure storage and easy procurement of the safety data sheets (SDSs). Users can upload safety data sheets (SDSs), as well as other documentation, to My-SDS to create a central location for access for multiple purposes.

The software is an ideal platform for retailers and vendors to share documents; for emergency response organisations to retrieve critical information around the clock, and for companies to share/store/archive documents.

My-SDS also has enhanced integration capabilities for the automated distribution of safety data sheets (SDSs).

My-SDS administrators can set up multiple users and various access levels depending on the user’s role/requirement for the access.


  • Secure repository for chemical hazard documentation to fulfil international chemical regulatory obligations
  • Around the clock, online access for internal company users, customers, end users and emergency response organisations
  • Optional subscription to automatically provide safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS) to emergency response organisations
  • Grouping’ feature enables users to segregate chemical products and track usage according to the division or sites where the materials are used
  • On-premise and hosted application options
  • Integrates easily with safety data sheet (SDS) authoring software and automated distribution modules to streamline processes

Reasons to choose Safeware Quasar

  • Our regulatory consultants have helped design the software to ensure you comply with international chemical regulatory obligations
  • Many leading retailers have already chosen My-SDS as their preferred platform to for vendors to centrally access safety data sheets (SDSs)
  • The system currently has almost two million safety data sheets (SDS or MSDS) uploads
  • With over 25 years of experience working with chemical regulations we can help you to understand your GHS obligations

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