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Founded in 1988, Safeware Quasar has taken pride in providing chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, distributors and retailers with flexible, reliable and accurate chemical regulatory software and consultancy solutions for over 28 years

About Safeware Quasar

We understand choosing a reliable supplier for GHS compliance solutions is not easy with so many companies offering GHS software and GHS consultancy services. With that, we would like to tell you more about Safeware Quasar and how we have earned ourselves the reputation as an industry leaders for the provision of accurate GHS compliance.

Our Customers

Our products and services have been designed to help chemical manufacturers, importers, downstream users, retailers and distributors comply with the Globally Harmonised System standards (GHS) and international chemical regulations with accuracy and efficiency.

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Our Software

Our experienced team of regulatory consultants continuously monitor regulatory and legislative changes affecting the chemical industry. This knowledge is subsequently communicated to our development team who apply it to the software solutions, ensuring our customers consistently achieve chemical compliance.

Our In-House Chemical Regulatory Team

Our chemical regulatory team are also on hand to offer a range of services to our consultancy customers, from advice and guidance to fully managing GHS compliance obligations.

Our In-House Support Teams

Whether our customers need chemical compliance advice or assistance using the software, our chemical regulatory team and technical support team are here to help.

Our Training and Conference Events

Safeware Quasar also endeavours to offer both regulatory and software training events in order to build your knowledge and skills so you can tackle chemical compliance with confidence.

We also host the UK’s largest annual chemical regulatory conference, SafeCom, welcoming around 150 delegates from all walks of Industry, seeking assurance they are equipped with knowledge and guidance to comply into the future. SafeCom regularly welcomes presentations from organisations such as the European Commission, ECHA, HSE and HSA.

The combination of expert products, services, support, events and training has reinforced Safeware Quasar’s reputation as a trusted, leading supplier of chemical compliance solutions.

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